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February 14 2018

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Begin Retirement Planningwith the First Job

It is never too early to begin planning ahead for retirement. Global economies are unstable and unpredictable. It may take a few years, or a few decades, to have the money needed for later years. Another reason to start early is longevity. People are living longer and longer as medical science advances.


Costs for essentials are rising all the time. Food, housing, utilities, and fuel are spiking in costs. By the time people in their twenties retire, they will need much more money than people retiring today. Deciding how to go about saving, investing, and building wealth depends on several professional and personal factors. It is wise to consult a Financial advisor Denver to begin planning for both short and long-term.

Why Seek Financial Services?

People invest on their own via low cost online trading. This may be a fun challenge, but will rarely produce desired results for the inexperienced. The market is volatile at best, and investors risk losing all their money by picking and choosing stocks themselves. There also common investor mistakes that are made based on fear, concern for the family, and lack of experience.

A financial advisor can provide ongoing Denver wealth management to keep emotions out of the process. An objective perspective will make an enormous difference in all types of financial planning. The American College of Financial Planning identifies five areas of planning to create a solid approach for building wealth. Find an experienced firm that has the capacity to tailor planning in order to cover all five areas

Five Areas of Financial Planning

These areas contain two management categories and three planning categories. Investment and risk management services are designed respond to market trends and patterns while remaining within the comfort zone of individual clients. Income tax, goal, and estate planning on an ongoing basis will help clients create a plan, implement it, review and adjust as life changes, and ultimately have enough money to live well in their golden years.

This process can be daunting, confusing, and stressful if navigated alone. Professional advisors take all aspects of client lifestyle, current financial situation, priorities, and family type into consideration before making recommendations. Explaining options, risks, costs, and potential results in every area is crucial for clients to understand how their money can work for them now, and into the future.

Who to Hire?

Money is hard-earned for the majority of the population, so hiring a professional to help manage it should include research. Always seek a Certified Financial Planner with experience. Clients must feel comfortable with that advisor, and have confidence she is working in their bests interests. Second guessing or doubting the abilities of a planner means the right planner has not been found yet. Keep looking.

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